A Better Map App

It was only recently that I clued in.  Perhaps you knew this, but I didn’t!

When I’m on the go, I have my Android phone with me.  A very useful tool is the Maps application.  It has all of the things that you’d want in a mapping application but in particular the various layers and the ability to find restaurants and gas stations nearby make it the perfect portable GPS application for me.

Then, I tried to find or show something on an iPod Touch and opened the Maps app.  The interface looked strange but that didn’t bother me terribly.  I could always attribute it to a fading memory or the fact that I was using iOS instead of Android.  Surely, what I’m looking for must be around here.  I just need to tap in the right spot.  But, I couldn’t find it.

Then, it clicked in.  This Android thing is a Google thing.  I’ll bet it’s not a standalone app that pulls in data from the web; it’s probably a portable version of a web application.

As such, it’s got more and richer features.  So, I went poking around and found the web version.  It’s available from any device at http://m.google.com/maps or scan here. 

In order to use this version, you just need to go to the URL or put a shortcut to it on your device desktop.  Voila!

A list of the features appears on the bottom of that page along with instructions about how to get it for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, or Windows.  Very cool, and it’s certainly worth the time and effort to have this map app on your device.


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