Wish We’d Blogged More…

The Victoria Day holiday marks the beginning of the final stretch before summer holidays.  Over the course of the next month, there will be many activities that help the slide into vacation.  But, what about the lowly blog.  Will you allow it and the student worth to wither and die … or will you celebrate?

Here’s an idea for celebration.  If you have an iPad, you know that one of the slick things that’s available in the ability to flip through the pages of a multi-page document.  Now, you can do the same thing with your blogs on computer.  Here’s how.

So, all year (or any part of it), you’ve been creating and sharing content on your blog.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all together in one spot.  As noted before, you could export the content of your blog to Blogbooker. By itself, that lets you download the content of the blog in PDF format.

Previously, I had also blogged about how to turn a blog to a flipping blog.  It involved downloading your content from Blogbooker and uploading it to the PDF to Page Flip site.  Very cool and slick.

Yesterday, I found another resource to do the above and a bit more with the registered service.  It’s called Flipsnack.  To use Flipsnack is pretty simple if you’re played around with Blogbooker before.

  1. Decide what part of your blog that you want to work with.
  2. Go into WordPress or whatever blogging service that you’re using and download your blog in XML format.  (This requires going in as the owner and selecting Tools to do the task.)
  3. Upload the XML document to Blogbooker.  Blogbooker will create a PDF file of your blog which you can download and save.  (It’s also a neat way to do a backup)
  4. Upload the PDF file to Flipsnack and let it do its thing.
  5. When it’s done, you’ll have a flippable blog that you can share with others.  Make sure that you design a background, and enjoy flipping the pages and zooming in and out to relive the quality posts that you or your students have written.
  6. Appreciate all of the time and effort that you and your students have put into the blog.
  7. Share your results on Facebook, Twitter, or just with the link.

My blog for the month of May so far appears here

The only regrets may be that the students will say "We Wish We’d Blogged More" to create a bigger book!

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