The Conversation Now…

Earlier this year, I used a conversation visualization tool to illustrate the connections among Ontario Educators. You can check out the original post here.  The details about how to read the visualization are included there so I won’t repeat them here.  I used the Talk Explorer utility to generate the image.

It occurred to me (because I add them manually) that there have been a number of new Ontario Educators participating and conversing since the original post.  So, I ran it again and noticed that, indeed, there were new participants, they’re active, and that’s just great.  That’s the way that it should be and illustrates growth within our community.

I had to laugh when I first saw who was monopolizing the conversation.  However, Ms. Barker and Mr. Jagoe are taking a course together and so their interactions are justifiable.  In fact, you might say the connection is solid!

Here’s the latest conversation generated by the Ontario Educators list.  It’s live at

For this snapshot, I’m sure that Danika and Colin are enjoying being the centre of attention!

It never fails to impress me when I see the interactions among the group.  I think it’s totally awesome.

Why not take some time to visualize your own Twitter ID?  Or, visualize any of your Twitter lists and see what’s happening.  This is one of the very best visualization of a PLN that I’ve experienced.

As always, if you’re an Ontario Educator and want to be added to the list, go for it.  Normally, I would send you to the LiveBinder  site for Ontario Edubloggers here and you can certainly do that.

However, because of my learning this week, I now know I can just embed the form into this blog.  So, if you’re interested, just complete the form.


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