Survey Results

A couple of days ago, I blogged about a new feature in WordPress that allows for the embedding of Google Documents.  At that time, I embedded a form and asked for some input.  On that date, there were about 300 visitor and there was a bit over 10% response rate.  Thanks to those who through a couple of clicks my way to help with my little experiment.

The original plan was to post the results the next day but I had to take a day to rant about the Fraser Report. But, continuity has returned.

To stay, “in the cloud”, I took the results from the survey which you probably know is collected as a Google Spreadsheet document.  From there, I created a couple of pie charts for the first couple of questions and combined them with the free form answers in a Google Presentation document.  To top off the exercise, I’ll try to embed the results below.

How about that? This should certainly open a number of doors for data collection, document presentation and sharing on line.



  1. Thanks, Sylvia. I am puzzled over this. The share settings are that it is public and visible on the web and yet requires a login. When I test the originally post, I was logged into my Google account obviously to get the embed codes. Got to do a little digging now.


  2. …and magically after walking the dog, it seems to work the way that it is expected…

    totally at a loss here, but am happy to see that it’s working. (I hope it remains that way.)


  3. This is what I love about your blog Doug, you make us learn/work to find the answers. So now that I have some ideas on interesting uses, I’m still not sure where to go from here. Can you please give me a push in the right direction? For example, where do I go to create one?
    Thanks for the nudge!


  4. Sorry Doug, I didn’t explain myself very well. What I meant was, how do I go about moving forward with the QR code, specifically creating one.


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