Check your statistics, Bro

Your Twitter account is a wealth of information that you can analyze for really deep details.  It’s not really digging past privacy; the date is wide open and freely available.  There are a large number of services available to do the trick and I’ve been playing around with a new service lately called SocialBro.

It’s still in Beta, but provides all kinds of insights into who you’re following and who’s following you.

All menu driven, select friends or followers and let SocialBro provide you with the details.  Who is the dead wood?  Who are the newbies?   Who is famous?  Who is a spammer?  The answer will be revealed once you synchronize and then choose the appropriate option.

Everybody likes a good tag cloud.  Analyze your account by keywords from user bios.  Does my account have any surprises?

If there’s any question that Twitter connects you globally, look for a map of users.  SocialBro sticks a location arrow for each user that it can find.

Beyond the interesting, this can be a valuable tool if you’re concerned about doing some housekeeping on your account.  There may be some people that you don’t want part of your community…those who haven’t sent a message in months, spammers, people who aren’t following you back, or people who’ve just unfollowed you.  You now have the tools to identify these people.

SocialBro is still in Beta but I applied and received access within 24 hours.  It really is a nice tool for personal analysis or if you want to illustrate your global connectivity to others.

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