Life Without Twitter

I ran into this Infographic yesterday…

For me, in a world without Twitter…

10+ People I might never have met…

  • Andy Forgrave, my perpetual WWF antagonist;
  • Zoe Branigan-Pipe, neat lady with whom I originally had this conversation recently;
  • Cyndie Jacobs, the great connector;
  • Paul Wood, the well connected man who holds court at ISTE;
  • Angela Maiers,wonderful lady in need of a handler;
  • Alfred Thompson, a great Computer Science cheerleader;
  • Peter Skillen, a guy I should have learned from 30 years ago;
  • Danika Barker, the Twitter fashion expert;
  • Gina Loveless and Jeff Trudell, my Michigan stalkers;
  • Amber MacArthur, who set the RCAC Symposium on fire with her keynote…

10 Things I might never have learned…

  • what a yurt was;
  • what a QR Code was;
  • the power of sharing anything in 140 or fewer characters;
  • the power of an online professional learning network;
  • how many great, fabulous, spectacular, awesome blogs there are written by Ontario educators;
  • how to post once and make it appear in many places without appearing too spammy (I hope);
  • the power of no/low cost PD in tweetups, twitter discussions, webinars, edcamps, Minds on Media;
  • how motivating and empowering great connections can be;
  • how important #FollowFriday is;
  • what my “klout” is…

10 Places I might never have gone…

  • Prime Minister Suite at ECOO;
  • Victoria;
  • Canadian Embassy in Washington;
  • Canadian Consulate in Denver;
  • Kempenfelt Conference Centre;
  • Places, faces, and learning with all my Waterloo friends, many I could have listed above;
  • Alaska;
  • Medicine Hat;
  • Humber College;
  • McMaster University…

Of course, the danger of lists lies in the omissions.  I could have easily made any of the above Top 100 lists and still not included everybody or everything.  So, my apology if you feel like you should have been on any of these lists.  You probably should have.  Let me know below.

But, oh the power of the connections!  What’s on your lists because of Twitter?

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7 thoughts on “Life Without Twitter”

  1. The one thing I would add to this list is that without Twitter, I would have never met you, read your blog, and learned all that I do from you each and every day. I would probably never have given #FollowFriday a try, and I wouldn’t realize the importance of recognizing people this way too. Thanks for adding all that you do to Twitter! I love tweeting and I love learning from you (and many others) on Twitter!



  2. Without Twitter I’d likely be teaching the same way at this point in the year as I was in September….scary thought. My world and my learning are so much wider now that I’m no longer confined to the four walls of my classroom. Good post!


  3. Congratulations, Cherra-Lynne. I’m sure that your students (and you) are more engaged and find it easier to make real-world connections now that you’re not confined. Way to go.


  4. Without Twitter I would never have had the Canadian connection that I do and would not have had the opportunity to connect with you sir. You humble me with your post and I appreciate all that you have shared as I have learned so much from you and your friends.

    Thank you Doug.


  5. Ain’t you a sweet guy. Wish we’d connected 30 years ago too – considering we were both active in all this at that time.

    However, ‘life is too short to worry about yesterday’!



  6. This is an awesome post Doug! The “handler” job is still available you know!!!


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