This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It was another great week of online learning for personal professional development from the fingers of Ontario Edubloggers.  Check out these highlights.

From Consultants and SATs

From the Bloggucation Blog, Aaron Puley gives us one of the best and in-depth approaches and rationales for the use of Voicethread in the classroom.  The blog addresses assessment and metacognition with some concrete examples. I really like the example for the English Language Learner classroom.

From K-12 Teachers

OK, I must admit that the title “Justin Bieber as Teacher” had me raise an eyebrow.  But, I stood the course and Diana Maliszewski weaves a nice story about teachable moments in research from a teacher-librarian point of view.  In all, a very interesting read.

From Principals, VPs, and Administrators

Moving from Grade 8 to Grade 9 is a big deal.  I think we all remember the excitement of getting out of Grade 8 and then a couple of months later the angst of walking into a secondary school ready to be swallowed up by the big population there.  In School 2 Go, Donna Fry challenges you to think about your school’s priorities.  It’s a good exercise to ground yourself in reality.

From Trustees and Higher Education

So, Joan Vinall-Cox has got herself a Galaxy Tab and she’s taking us through her personal learning and coping with her new device.  This week, she had a little Quibble with her calendar.  She’s not afraid to tell us about it and look for suggestions. I hope that she finds a solution.  I had to smile when I saw all of the editing done to keep her calendar events private!  Read back to her other posts about the decision to purchase this particular tablet.

What a great collection of reads.  There are more great offerings from Ontario Edubloggers that can be accessed at the LiveBinders site here.  Or, if you’re reading with a device that supports QR Codes, take a picture of this:

and navigate through the site.  As always, if you’re an Ontario Edublogger and want to be included, go to the LiveBinder site and add yourself and the URL to your blog.


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