Ontario Twitter Royalty

It has come to my attention that there were some people left off the invitation list to the Royal Wedding today – the Ontario Twitter Royalty! These folks are loyal Twitter subjects and I’ve caught them on my Twitter stream the past day.  Indeed this auspicious group should be there.

I’m sure that it’s just an oversight, but the list should have included the following.

  • Dame Tracie Duckworth Edwardton of Windsorpool
  • Lady Safina Musgrave Nooranicott of Auroraton
  • Marquess Marc Astrup Lijourcock of Torontoburgh
  • Duchess Sonia Duckworth Ellis-Sequincott of Ontariopool
  • Earl Colin Heston Harriscott of Richmond Hillburgh
  • Princess Carole Ticky Morrissetteton of Canadaton
  • HM Queen Aviva Duckworth Dunsingercock of Ancasterport
  • Earl Ken Fergus Whytockberton of Drumboshire
  • Marchioness Joan Tildsley Vinall-Coxberton of Oakvilleham
  • Marquess Aaron Waddington Puleyberton of Hamiltonport
  • Duchess Heather Lulu Yearwoodberton of Canadaport
  • Lady Cyndie Calthorpe Jacobsskitt of Torontoford
  • Lady Zoe Prudence Branigan-Pipecock of Hamiltonshire
  • Marquess Kevin Astrup Merkleycott of Markhamshire
  • Duke Ben Bertie Hazzardberton of Sarniashire
  • Baron Daniel Fearnsley Beylerianham of Ontarioshire
  • Marquess John Fearnsley Rampeltberton of Waterloobury
  • Marchioness Tina Ticky Giannopoulosham of Waterlooford
  • Duke Andrew Griff Forgraveton of Bellevillepool
  • HM King Dave Fergus Lanovazberton of Stirlingpool
  • Marquess Euen Heston Connorcock of Kitchenerham
  • Prince Nathan Crispin Toftskitt of Ottawaburgh
  • Dame Brenda Ticky Sherryberton of Guelphford
  • Duke Peter Fergus McAshham of St. Mary’sham
  • Princess Alana Musgrave Callanham of Peterboroughport
  • Prince Kent Twicklethorpe Manningberton of Bellevilleford
  • Duke Jeff Waddington Pelichberton of Kitchenerbury
  • Lord Yves Fergus Mainvilleberton of Ontariobury
  • Earl Ron Griff Millarcock of Kitchenershire
  • HM King Peter Fearnsley Beensberton of Niagara Fallspool
  • Princess Julie Eugenia Johnsonham of Barriepool
  • Countess Danika Calthorpe Barkerberton of Londonbury
  • Baroness Kelly Pippa Powerskitt of Windsorshire
  • Duchess Michelle Duckworth Lachinecott of Belle Riverburgh
  • Duchess Shannon Pippa Hazelberton of Windsorshire
  • Lord Doug Fearnsley Sadlerham of Windsorburgh
  • Princess Rebecca Tildsley Grimesham of Ontarioshire
  • Marchioness Janine Calthorpe Murrayton of Ontarioburgh
  • Baroness Teresa Lulu Kellyskitt of Torontoshire
  • Lady Fran Musgrave Harrisonton of Eastern Ontarioford
  • Lord Royan Twicklethorpe Leecock of Richmond Hillport
  • Lady Sylvia Ticky Duckworthham of Ontariobury
  • Marquess Colin Jeeves Jagoecott of Brightonburgh
  • HM King Peter Twicklethorpe Skillenton of Torontoport

— Lord Doug Fergus Petersonberton of Amherstburgbury

Names courtesy of E! Online’s Royal Name Generator


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