A Real Puzzler

I stumbled onto a gold mine for noodle scratchers.  It’s called 101 Friday Puzzles.  Personally, I love a good puzzle and will spend all kinds of time trying to find a solution.  With these types of puzzles, you really do need to drop back and think of many different strategies to attack and hopefully solve them.

Even the problem itself can be written to lead you down the wrong thinking path at the beginning.  Here’s Puzzle 1 from the blog.

This one took about 10 minutes but I have a suspicion that I’ve solved it before.  Now, I only have 100 more to go to solve the entire collection.

But … if I get stuck, for $2.99, I can buy a Kindle book for the solutions.  I’ll try my best but can’t guarantee that my personal fortune won’t be down 3 bucks once I hit the wall.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy trying!

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  1. It took “s”ix seconds to solve it. Solving puzzles like this has always been one of my favourite hobbies.

    Thanks for the challenge.



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