Sure it can

This isn’t supposed to work according to the error message that I get when I plugged it in but it does.

Part of the challenge of blogging on the iPad is tap, tap, tapping the keystrokes on the screen But, I have this adapter that’s supposed to be for connecting a digital camera to the iPad.  Upon furher inspection, it’s just a USB to iPad adapter so I wondered — could I connect Logitech keyboard and type an entry?  It turns out the answer is absolutely yes.

In the picture, my Sony Vaio serves as a stand for my iPad.

Don’t ever let anyone say things can’t be done!

My mouse doesn’t work but that would be old school in a touch environment!

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  1. The iPad USB adapter has worked w/my Apple USB keyboard for some time, without an error message.

    And more recently, as of the 4.3 iOS update, the iPad VGA-out adapter has started to work for some apps (Movie replay, for example) on my iPhone4.

    I haven’t tried it yet (although I had hoped for it) but apparently the iPad USB adapter supports an external MIDI keyboard in GarageBand for iPad. Need to make that work — but I’ll need a power source for the keyboard, as I’m sure it won’t bus-power off the iPad!!

    One thing you’ll find though, Doug, is that your hand will leave the keyboard and reach right (to where the mouse would normally be) until you re-wire your brain to go to the iPad and tap the screen!!

    Have fun!!


  2. Try plugging your keyboard and mouse into a KVM switch, and then its single USB cable in to the adapter. You may be able to use both your keyboard and mouse this way.

    BTW when do we get an updated iPad owners list? Am I the lone holdout?


  3. If you look closely under the Sony, I have a cooling page/USB multiplier with a mouse attached. The iPad didn’t know what to do with it. On the other hand, it is a Microsoft Mouse…


  4. I never had the iPad, adapter, a keyboard, and a bunch of time to kill all in one place, Andy. I know that folks have used Bluetooth keyboards but they end up taking up all kinds of space. Other than this experiment, I’m not sure that I will be using this new found ability though. And, you’re absolutely right about the right hand to the mouse movement. I’m wired that way!


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