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The True Power of a PLN

We talk about Personal Learning Networks all over the place.  They’re groupings that help us learn together.  I learned this morning that they can also help cover your butt.

This wasn’t supposed to be the post for this morning.  I had another already cued up and go to go for auto-posting at 5am.  It wasn’t a serious post; just one of those goofy things that I put together last night while watching The Apprentice.  Because it wasn’t serious, I relied on one sole source.

Well, it turns out that source wasn’t credible.  Thankfully, my friend @aforgrave read it and did spend some time poking around and let me know about the link.  Consequently, I’ve pulled the post.

Thanks, Andy.  I owe you.


2 responses to “The True Power of a PLN”

  1. You PLN has got your back, Doug!


  2. April Fool’s came back to bite you, did it?!! (Consider it payback for punking me on April Fool’s!)


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