Google Earth Trivia

So, this morning, I’m out at the dog park freezing while Jaimie is running around like a mad fool enjoying the company of Cain, Rusty, Ginger, and a bunch of other canines that I can’t recall their names.  I was thinking about a comment that @ashleyproud made on Twitter about the post that I had this morning about one of his students’ dog park petition.  In the post, I had attached a KMZ file that would take his students to the Broadway Dog Park in Google Earth.  He thought that his students would enjoy that.

Earlier in the week, Mr. Proud had talked about introducing his students to the power of Google Earth.  I still think it’s a phenomenal piece of software that shows the absolute best of Google innovation and how it inspires an inquisitive approach to the world about us.  I also figured that I wasn’t being the best of good will ambassadors for Essex County.  There’s so much interesting that you can discover about Essex County by a little zooming in and out and wandering around.

I would offer the following trivia questions for Mr. Proud’s class.  (or anyone else who wants to wander around starting at the dog park…)

  • Zoom out a bit – what do you see just to the south and east that would be of interest to another animal?
  • Zoom even further out and you’ll see a lake north of Essex County and another south of it but only one of them is a Great Lake – which one?
  • Navigate to the south and you’ll see the most southern part of Canada – what is it?
  • Go back to the dog park and zoom out a bit – just north of Essex County is another country?  What is it?  What would be the first city you would find in that country?
  • If you are driving by car, there are two ways to drive to that country – what are they?
  • Can you find Windsor International Airport?

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