F1 Kickoff

It was supposed to be the second race of the Formula 1 season this weekend.  For years, Australia had hosted the first race but this year it was supposed to be different.  Bahrain was supposed to host the first race of the year and then the show was to head to Australia.  Alas, the race was cancelled because of the unrest in that part of the world.

That meant that those of us who really enjoy the top tier of racing would have to wait a couple of weeks until this weekend for the start of the season.  Formula 1 racing is undoubtedly the premiere racing class.  I enjoy it so much that the race dates are in my calendar.  I’ll watch the Friday practice, the Saturday qualifying, and the Sunday race when I can.  It is technology at its finest.  It’s also not without its controversy and I’m reading reports about the tires this year as a new company, Pirelli provides the rubber.

In today’s world of communication, infographics are king.  We see them used to convey all kinds of information and allowing the consumers deeper understanding of a subject.  It should come as no surprise that there’s also an infographic for F1.  Thanks to @pmcash for forwarding it to me.  Please read and enjoy and take some time to watch the race from Australia either live (in the middle of the night) or tape delayed on TSN.

So, what do you think?

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