I was pleasantly surprised with the response to my post yesterday about using the Amplify service “Better than a reTweet”.  Even from one corner where I expected a message “Oh, there goes that nerdy Doug again…”  It really is a wonderful service.

The term “amplify” is indeed used correctly.  The concept is to take a message, add to it, add it to your blog, and then let those that would click-through increase the number of times that the message gets read.  Hence, the concept of amplification.

But, how loudly is it amplified?

Well, clicks are countable and so it comes as no surprise that Amplify counts the clicks and lets you know how many people are clicking through to see your message and the subsequent resource.  So, if you read the message about students read a moodle page, at the time of this writing, I get the following figure.

Not too shabby.  If nothing else, it lets me know that people are actually reading me and are curious to see what that was all about.  Anything with bigger numbers?

How about this?

My buddy Alfred Thompson should be happy that I provided 66 viewers to his first Windows Phone 7 Whack a Something program.

There were some surprises too, as I dug into the analytics.  Given the current situation in Japan, I would have thought that a resource that showed how a nuclear reactor shuts down would be of interest.  But, I was wrong.

It’s interesting to go through and analyse things.  It gives me a sense of just what people that follow me are looking for.  But, not all are winners.  I can’t believe that there are only 10 Vikings fans on Twitter!

These are simple analytics to take a gander at what’s happening.  The true value comes when you tie a Google Analytics account to your Amplog and then dig until your heart’s content.  Amplify has you covered there as well!

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  1. I am indeed happy and thankful for the traffic you sent my way. I’m sorta proud of that project and think it is something students can use as a base to experiment and learn on their own. So any and all traffic is a good thing. I can see how Amplify would help send traffic as well. COntext is always helpful. I may have to try this myself. Thanks.


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