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Are you the type that likes to review what’s happened during the past day with your Twitter account?

Do you have this paranoid feeling that people are talking about you and you missed it?

Is there an event with a hashtag happening that you’d like the details about?

Is there something going on with a common word that you’d like any and all of the details about?

Is Twitter blocked at your location but you still want to follow any of the above?

Do you want to know everything but don’t want to be connected to Twitter 24/7?

If any of the above apply to you, then Twilert may well be the answer to your problems.  It’s a simple and yet very powerful concept.  Just head over to the Twilert site and login with your Twitter ID or Google ID and create yourself a Twilert.  It can be any user or hashtag or search term.

Twilert then goes to work aggregating all of the comments based upon that search term and sends them to you in the form of an email.  The final step in this process is to pick a time when you’d like Twilert to email the results to you!  I follow the term “dougpete” and have mine delivered at 2pm.  It’s a nice mid-afternoon to late-evening diversion.  (Never mind the green marks – that’s my Web of Trust letting me know that those links are safe.

If you should miss a message or want to jump into the conversation, Twilert conveniently provides links for you to right in the email message.


If your job is tracking social media conversations about your product, it’s invaluable.  But, even hobby users of the service want to stay on top of things, so why not? You’ll never miss a message again.

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4 thoughts on “Today in Twitter”

  1. This a great way of following a stream of conversation, especially if people forget to use the hashtags I. their posts.


  2. What a fantastic idea!! This is just what I need so that I don’t feel like I’m missing my tweeps when I know I have other must-dos to get done.

    Thanks DP!!


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