Response to TheNerdyTeacher

I’ve tried to respond to TheNerdyTeacher on his post wrapping up the MACUL Conference but Blogger is unable to post it for whatever reason.  I’ve been burned before so have the habit of copying the reply before clicking post.  Here is what I was going to say!

The original blog post appears here .

I did notice the social media centre and it was unfortunate that the Help Desk was right beside it! Perhaps that’s why people weren’t there? <grin> As you say, it’s an experiment and so I’m sure will grow in subsequent years. The concept of a conversation place just needs to grow.

I’m sorry that our paths didn’t cross during the event. It would have been nice to say hello. I did FourSquare but checked in to Cobo and was hoping that that would be where people went.

Personally, I like the feel of a MACUL. It’s big enough that you can essentially have it all. It’s small enough that you don’t have to walk forever to get to the next session. I really like the layout of Cobo for a conference – it’s just a matter of minutes between sessions.

As I indicated in my blog post this morning, the highlight for me was talking to the young ladies and gentlemen in the student demonstration area. It’s one thing to hear from a paid keynote speaker about the promise of technology but it’s quite another to see kids that get it. Kudos go to the teachers that took the time to first recognize that something great is happening in their classrooms and secondly, to take the time to plan, supervise, and spend time with their students during this period. Anyone who questions the value of technology and/or social media should sit with those students for half an hour. Their eyes would truly be opened with their use of technology and the way that curriculum is being addressed by such use.

Michigan educators should be proud that you have such a wonderful conference that you can attend so conveniently.

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