Creating an Archive

I had a goofy conversation recently about blogging.

Q:  How long have you been blogging?
A:  Gee, I don’t know.  For a couple of years, I guess.

Q:  Do you ever read the old entries?
A:  Absolutely.  When I write a blog entry, I like to link to resource.  There are times when I write a blog entry and I’m the resource so I’ll link back to myself.

Q:  How do you find the old entry?
A:  Well, there’s a search widget on the side and if I know the concept, I can search for it.
A:  There’s also an archive listing on the side and I can search by a particular month.  Hey, I have been blogging for a while – the archive goes back to January 2008.

Then, it occurred to me – it would be kind of helpful to have a complete listing of titles.  I did a little poking around and found that the Archive box has a number of parameters.  To that end, I created an archive page at the top of this blog.  It’s probably only of interest to me and the morbid but all of the titles are there, linked to the actual blog post.

The command in WordPress to make it happen looks like this with square brackets instead of brace brackets:  {archives type=postbypost limit=5000}

And, this is what it generates…

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