A Must Have Utility

If you have an Apple TV 2, you’re probably enjoying the ability to play iTunes content on your television.  The quality is superb and provided you’ve got it in iTunes, you can send it across to your television.

I remember when I first connected my unit the a certain level of excitement.  Then, I realized how limiting iTunes was.  I did expecting to get the little icon to broadcast from other applications like Quicktime.  I was very surprised and disappointed when it wasn’t there.  But, it’s Apple’s game, right?

Well, sort of…

I’ve been reading about jailbreaking to give more access to the unit.  At this point, I would just like to easily display content on my computer on the television.  Sure, the television does have a VGA input but it’s over there and my chair is over here.  And, I’d have to get down on the floor which is always an invitation for some four legged help.

No more.  I found the answer!

EricaSadun.com is the source for a little application called AirFlick.  It’s got exactly what I need.  AirFlick spots the Apple TV 2 across the room and broadcasts the image, audio, video, or PDF file to my TV.  All without importing into iTunes and dancing with that.  It’s just a matter of drag and drop and the image is on the TV.

I’m really enjoying this.  It’s a great opportunity to share photos from the computer with the family.  There’s even a screen capture button.  Capture the screen and show it off on the TV!

Is there anything up my sleeve?  Well, I’ll try and do my best.  The family has all gone to bed and so it’s just me, on the couch, broadcasting a screen shot to the TV, with my camera and I get both my laptop and the TV in the shot!

Oh, I’m going to have a lot of fun playing around with this!

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