A Flipping Blog

Sometimes, it’s just cool to play around and that’s what I did yesterday.  When I was done, I had produced something that was kind of neat and I could see using it as a summary activity to show off some blogging work.

One of the really attractive things about the iPad is the way that it manipulates documents and Flipboard for iPad does a very nice job of it.  I asked myself the question – could this be done on the screen inside a browser easily?  It turns out that you can with the help of the website, PDF to Flash Page Flip.

Now, what to flip.  The site takes a PDF file as input and creates a Flash object that you can manipulate as output.  Hmmmm.

Then, I remembered my old friend BlogBooker.  BlogBooker will take any WordPress, Blogger, or LiveJournal blog and make a PDF file from it.  It’s a great way to back up your blog.  So, I wondered, could I make myself a flipable version of my blog.  Is flipable a word?  Probably not, but that’s what I want to do.

So, I went to my WordPress site and configured an export of the content.  Details about the procedure were originally posted here.

BlogBooker was still great and quickly created a PDF file of my blog.  It was long overdue anyway.  The resulting file was huge and so for the purposes of this experiment, I went back in and chose just a couple of entries from the blog as a proof of concept.

Next, it was off to the PDF to Flash Page Flip page and I did a quick check of the configuration and uploaded the PDF file.

In a couple of seconds, I was done.  The result was a ZIP file that I opened.  The site had bundled up the whole thing as a webpage that I could flip my way through.  Check it out by clicking here.  Use the arrows to flip forward and backward and zoom in to read the content.

It’s a pretty cool interaction that is created with my own content.

Where would you use it?  Admittedly, it’s a makework type of project but I’m thinking that it would be a nice final activity for a blogging project.  Sure, the students have their original blog but the ability to back up and then flip their way through it just adds a nice little touch to the whole activity.

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