Pummelvision for Month Two

It’s been two months now since I committed to the Daily Shoot project.  I did it to try to force me to take more photos and hopefully become better at doing it.  I post them to my blog on Tumblr and I suspect that I’m like most people.  Some days, I feel like I’ve nailed it and other days not so much.  Some days, I have a goodly collection of shots on a theme and other days, I know that I’m stretching to find something that’s appropriate for the day.

Every now and again, I’ll head over to the blog and just take a look at some of the photos to relive the photography moments.  It can be a little time consuming and a little boring at times but I get the image and I also get my thoughts about the image.  At times, I do wish that I could get a little more pizzaz into the display.

Then, I discovered Pummelvision!  It does an amazing job presenting images.  First, you need to grant access to your Daily Booth, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, or Tumblr account.  At that time, Pummelvision gets access to your photos.  Next thing, it runs away and does some magic only to have it reappear as a YouTube or Vimeo Video, posted to your account!  It doesn’t happen immediately but an email is sent to you to let you know when it’s done.

So, here’s my YouTube video of the images that I’ve taken so far.

I enjoy the way that we get a little audio going on in the background.

So, this is a cool way for me to quickly and easily play back the images from this project.  Imagine how you could turn your web site, wiki, or blog into a multimedia experience.  Just create an account at one of the above services and pummel it to your website.  Ideas are just exploding with me for school use.  Virtual tours, field trips, sports teams, graduations, scanned artwork, student portfolios – any time that you have a substantial number of images on a theme and you’re interested in posting them as a multimedia display makes them perfect for this utility.  Of course, there are the logistics about student pictures, etc., but you’ll take care of that, right?  For my CIESC friends, you’ve got to see that this would be a vintage activity for a meeting!

If you’re looking for a way to create such a project, you’ve got to check Pummelvision out.

3 thoughts on “Pummelvision for Month Two

  1. Interesting site, Doug.

    I was a little alarmed that you must give the site permission to all your photos on flickr, not just the public ones, but it lets you choose which set you’d like posted in the video. It seems to be limited to only 2 or 8 photos per second, which is a shame. But the 8 photos per second is perfect for stop-motion work, and that’s exactly how I’m going to get my students to try this site!

    Here’s a quick video I made to test the process:


  2. I think that your two concerns would be room for growth for the product, Peter. It worked out nicely for me since my DailyShoot content is all that I have in my Tumblr blog. I like your movie – glad to see that your bike makes another appearance.


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