Bookmarking, Part III

So, let’s say that you have been doing a job of bookmarking your resources using Delicious or Diigo.  What’s the point?

Obviously, the concept of being able to access a resource that you’ve previously tucked away is paramount.  But, is there more?  I think so.

To me, the power of bookmarking is that, over time, you can build a library with some substantial content to it.  The value cannot be underestimated.  So, why not use it?

If you’re bookmarking your resources properly, you’ll have a description to go with it along with some proper tags.  The goal of a description and tagging cannot be underestimated.  In a world where there is so much knowledge and so many resources, you’re going to want to be able to get back to them!

In this world, search is king.  Can you leverage it?  The answer is absolutely.

When you visit both the Diigo site and the Delicious site, you’ll find all sorts of tools to search your own bookmarks to retrieve what you’ve already tucked away.  Here’s my standard search for “house” in both.




There’s nothing more comforting knowing that you’ve bookmarked something and that you’re able to retrieve it on demand.  It makes the whole process worthwhile.  There’s more that takes it to another level.  If you have your own wiki or webpage, you can share these customized searches with others.  The URL that’s generated as a result of these searches takes anyone to your search results.  Go ahead – try it by clicking here.  With a little copy and pasting, you can share your findings with the world (or your classroom).  Both Diigo and Delicious provide a nice, clean landing page with additional functionality.

There used to be a time when I created pages with links and resources generated from my monthly newsletter.  I thought that it was really helpful and a way to share great resources with others.  But, then I saw the light.  I was bookmarking these online anyway.  Why not just put a link to the Delicious and Diigo search results (actually the results from tagging) and have instant access to those things that I’ve already found and put away.  If you go to my website, and click on the subject area, you’ll find some legacy links.  The real power lies at the top of the list where you can get right at my bookmarks.  For example, the link “computer” will present you with…

Right at the top, links will take you into my Delicious or Diigo site and to the results that I’ve already tagged.  I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that social bookmarking is one of the most powerful of the Web 2.0 tools.  It’s all in the sharing and this is one of my attempts to give back to anyone who is interested.

Despite all of this technical stuff, the real value is human-powered.  You’ve already found the resource and have determined that it’s of such value that you’ve bookmarked it.   Instead of turning to the wide open web to find it again, why not leverage the energy that you’ve already put into it to find the good stuff quicker?

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