The concepts of HTML5 have really struck my current interest.  As we move to embrace this next revision of the web standard, it’s very interesting to see what the early adopters are working with.  One of the things that I’m finding is that many don’t feel restricted by the older paradigm.  We all benefit from this exceptional thinking as it merges with exceptional programming.

The endless mural is a really unique project.  If you’re just driving by, it could look like a bunch of pictures.  But really, it’s a very interesting bit of collaboration.  In an interesting twist, try to visit it with an older browser and you’ll get the error message “Our site is best experienced with Internet Explorer 9 for Windows“.  From a technical point of view, the project is supported by Microsoft and internet Explorer 9 and can really shine.  When you dig into it, you can see the importance of hardware acceleration.

The result is an interesting collaboration.  Each visitor can add a patch to this wall and you can check back in periodically to see the latest and watch it grow.  For a fascinating insight as to how all of this works, check out the help section to get details about how this all works.

It really has caught my interest.  If this is an insight of things to come, we’re in for a great ride.  More details are available here.




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