Bad Sportsmanship

I’m kicking back this afternoon watching the Spengler Cup game between Canada and Russia.  Hockey is truly a sport that Canadians love and appreciate.  But, there are other sports that have the interest and passion in other countries and certainly soccer is one of them.

To keep me amused during commercials, I have my laptop by my side and my Seesmic Desktop is open and I’m keeping half an eye on the column entitled “Ontario Educators” and on the column “Twitter Trending Topics”.  A couple of topics catch my eye.  Normally, I’d be intrigued by “Hefner” and “Mike Singletary” but this afternoon, it was different.

“HATE MALAYSIA” and “Iloveindonesia” are trending.  Now, to be trending, you have to have a great deal of volume.  What is going on?  I do a search on Brizzly’s Guide for trends to find out why.  Unbelievable – is this true?  My knowledge of the news sources is definitely limited by I do find an article from the Jakarta Post that confirms this.  The article comes complete with 228 (at the time) comments on the story.

In this day and age, of course, the event has been documented and shared by YouTube.  In particular, watch around the 4:08 mark.

What can I say but, wow.

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