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Fascinating List of Blogs

I stumbled on this posting from Miguel Guhlin this morning.  He’s right; this is an amazing list of blogs.  As I replied on his blog, this list wouldn’t have been possible even three years ago.  A lot of things have happened – the sense of paranoia about public transparency seems to have subsided with many – and we’re all the beneficiaries of public sharing.  Folks are documenting thoughts, insights, and just the state of education as it applies to them.  It’s fascinating reading.  Imagine if everyone shared what was happening in their corner of the world.  Imagine how reflective the profession could become.

As per Miguel’s request, I am sharing this list with anyone who is interested.  There’s not a bad read among them.  Well, maybe there’s one.

The holiday break begins for many today and for others in a couple of day and then into the new year.  Why not make a resolution to add a blog or two to your regular reading habit?  The search for great reading stops below.  Pick a blog, any blog…  New readers are awards that are meaningful to all bloggers.

From Around the

What a fascinating list of blogs…will have to check to see how many aren’t on the Google Reader list…thanks to these folks for compiling the list, but forgive me if I don’t remove the “best” labels. If your blog isn’t on the list, I hope you’ll add it in the comments, then copy the list and share it with others.

Individual blogs

Group blogs

New blogs

Class blogs

Student blogs

Resource sharing blogs

Influential blog posts

Teacher blogs

Best librarian / library blog

Best school administrator blog

Best educational tech support blog

Best elearning / corporate education blog

Best educational use of audio

Best educational use of video / visual

Best educational wiki

Best educational podcast

Best educational webinar series

Best educational use of a social network

Best educational use of a virtual world

Best use of a PLN

Lifetime achievement


3 responses to “Fascinating List of Blogs”

  1. Hey Doug,
    That is a great list and I have added several new blogs to my reader. I think it is worth noting that the list is the edublogs nominees list – to be transparent about the source. Maybe I missed that. I do like the idea of adding to the list. Perhaps someone out there might create a g doc master list … 😉



  2. Could you imagine how big that Google document would be? And yet, it wouldn’t be big enough!

    Miguel did post a link back to the nominees and I did include it in what was reblogged from his blog.


  3. […] again.  The latest bit of attach has been occurring on a post I wrote 3-4 years ago called “Fascinating List of Blogs“.  It made reference to the effort of Miguel Guhlin in putting together a really […]


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