Ontario Educators Have Klout…

…and we have the statistics to prove it!

Klout calls itself the "Standard for Influence" and it tries to create a measurement of your overall online influence.  In the creation of this Klout, a number is assigned to you based upon a number of things including the reach of your online activity, the likelihood that it will make a difference, and the influential level of your network.  It’s interesting that with this new technology, you can create new rules for its effectiveness.  The results are interesting and the numeric value plus the people you influence and those who influence you do give some insight to the "you" that is presented online.  Just don’t go looking for a rubric or teacher’s guide.  These things look like closely guarded secrets!

Periodically, I’ll go to the Klout website just to play around with the features and check out a user or two that I’ve had some interaction with.  But, more conveniently, I have installed the Klout plug-in into my Seesmic Desktop Reader so that I can get a sense of the Klout of people on the fly.  So, for example, if I’m curious about "digitalnative", I can see inline what kind of Klout that he has from a recent Twitter message.

It’s kind of cool.  digitalnative is a "specialist" with a Klout of 53.  As educators, we know that higher numbers are better than lower numbers unless you enjoy summer school so big numbers are desirable.  What around the "specialist" part?  Klout puts you on a matrix based upon its determination.  The grid looks like this.

You appear as a dot within the grid based upon the content you provide and the interactions that you have.  Each of the coloured areas is a characteristic.  You could be one of:  Observer, Explorer, Activist, Specialist, Dabbler, Conversationalist, Socializer, Networker, Syndicator, Feeder, Thought Leader, Pundit, Curator, Broadcaster, Taste Maker, or Celebrity.  This could be fun.  Where would you want to be?  Where do you think your online friends would be?

For the purpose of this post (and for good fun), I took a random sampling of Ontario Educators as they appeared in my Twitter stream and selected one for each of the categorizations.  Where influencers or people that you influence are given, I’ve included that as well.

So, in this week’s tribute to those from Ontario who contribute great content for my interactive pleasure, here are some of our friends and how Klout characterizes them.  The individual appears as a red dot on the grid.

@brendasherry is a 43 and an explorer.  In fact, many Ontario Educators are explorers.  I think that’s very telling of the online experiences that we enjoy.

@brocktech is a 29 and feeds the stream.  Who is this anyway?

Our friend @grade1 who posts her FollowFridays on Thursdays or Saturdays and sometimes on Fridays is a Specialist and earns a score of 56.

@hdurnin has great stories to share about her class, earning her a score of 36.

@mrcedward scores a 32 and has the enviable label of "thought leader".

@sadboss scores a 19 but is known as providing information.

I wish that I could have found an exemplar Ontario Educator for each of the categories but sadly couldn’t.  However, if you follow those chosen above, I think you’ll find that the descriptor for each is amazingly close to the presence that they have online.  Most of our group are explorers.

Finally, what about me?  Before you look, take a guess….

Well, I’m a 63. 

Now, I wouldn’t be putting any of this on a resume any time soon but it’s fun.  Sort of like a fortune cookie only with some basis in fact.  Dig into the second screen and you can track your value over time.  It really is interesting.

What next?  If you’ve never checked out your Klout before, you know you want to do it right now.  Click right here.

Have fun and a great FollowFriday.  For many of you, this will be the last school day before the Break.  Enjoy.

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  1. Fun Doug! Explorer pretty much reflects my use of the web and it did nail you, Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez as influencers for me so that’s bang on. Content analysis was a bit strange, claiming that I influence these topics:
    Education, ECOO, iphone and London (ON) sound reasonable…but the others? Maybe there’s a trip to Italy with the new Samsung Tab in my future! It’ll explore that!


  2. That is indeed bizarre and reminds us that we can’t take computer generated things 100%. But, all of the rest seems to fall into place. Of the million of Twitter users, to zero in on Gary and Sylvia does give a sense that the algorithm at least monitors the back and forth conversations. If nothing else, it’s fun to read.


  3. This is very cool! I thought I did the Klout thing awhile ago but maybe not. I am a 53 and a Specialist! Who knew??!!


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