You’ve Got to be Active

Another Friday, and it’s time for another shout out to Active Ontario Educators.  The key to all of this is that you must be active.  Sure, you might be on the list, but you can’t let the grass grow under your feet.

If you’re tweeting late Thursday or early Friday, I’ll see it in my Ontario Educators’ list and tweet about it.  More significantly, if you’re sharing information, you might get some internet love on a  Both Mike Redfearn and myself create a that’s based upon the sharing that you’re doing.

But, for recognition, you’ve got to be active.

I can’t embed this Friday’s tribute in this blog but I’ll give you a link to it.  Click here.

That will take you to a web resource called “Visible Tweets”.  It’s a nice resource to share Twitter messages on a particular theme.  In this case, I’ve asked it for “Ontario Educators”.  But, you could search for anything.  Even a hashtag.  Search for “otfcue” to relive the comments from the Ontario Teachers’ Federation Google workshop, for example.  There are a few different ways that you can ask Visible Tweets to display your results.  Try them all!

But, you’ll only get the recognition if you’re doing something to make yourself active and visible enough for Visible Tweets to pick up on you.

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  1. Good point, Doug. And, here is my big question around being visible and active. The recognition piece is a great hook for those who are already in the game and who participate in the twitter conversation fairly often. I am not concerned at all about those folks – they already get it. What I am more concerned about is hooking those who aren’t in the conversation yet. I am talking specifically about people in formal leadership positions here. I would like to encourage them to join the conversation – to tweet and to blog for starters. I am fairly new to this myself, only 2 years in. I model and share with colleagues to just this side of annoyance, most likely. I don’t do #FF personally because, while I appreciate the value in the shout-out (and I do the shout-out in the moment when I appreciate a shared link or some support), I am concerned that it creates a bit of an inner-circle that just isn’t inviting to the newbie. Just my 2 cents. Have a super weekend and thanks for pushing the conversation!



  2. Interesting take, Shannon. A former superintendent was fond of saying “don’t water the rocks”. Basically, it boils down to the fact that you only have limited time and resources to influence those that you can touch. After all, banging your head against the wall only feels good when you stop doing it.

    Personally, I’ve tried to avoid the inner circle by recognizing any and all Ontario Educators who are sharing. To me, that’s important and the only way that we can grow our community. Otherwise, you’re just another voice in the wilderness. For the newbie, I’m hoping that to be included gives the same rush that happens the first time you write a blog post and someone replies.

    For the new person, the Twitter conversation can be daunting and not necessarily in the Ontario context. I’m not sure what the answer is but this is my little attempt to funnel the floodwaters into something more local and relevant to us.


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