Slow News Day

Two of my daily blog reads, Paul Cornies’ Quoteflections and Stephen Downes’ Half an Hour commented on this news story which reported that the date April 12, 1954 was “The Most Boring Day in History”.  I recall reading the story as well and thinking to myself – it must be a slow news day for someone to actually research and then report on that item.

It’s hardly news.

I’ve often wondered at times whether the event makes the news or the news makes the event.  On slow news days, perhaps it’s the latter.

And, you know what?  Given the recent events in Marinette, Wisconsin, I’ll take a no news or at least a slow news day anytime.  The whole situation just sickens me.

I listened to and then replayed this song from The Wilkinsons which I heard live at the Harrow Fair a few years ago.  Their message is powerful.  “When we were young and in school, we made mistakes – but nobody died.”

Give me a day with no news that forces news reporters to dig up some other topic.

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