links for 2010-11-13

  • QR Code Awareness | Austin
    Mobile devices have changed the way consumers access the Internet as well as the way marketers are trying to reach customers. Although QR codes and mobile barcodes have been around for several years, the explosion of the smartphone market allowed barcode scanning to grow 700 percent from January 2010 to July 2010.

  • Teacher Magazine: Mr. Administrator, Tear Down This Firewall!
    Hoping to move the debate along, members of the Teacher Leaders Network recently had a very frank discussion of the topic in our 24/7/365 private chat room. Here’s a sample of what we had to say. (To honor our TLN confidentiality agreement, I’ve only used first names here.)

  • Ford Social Media Guidelines
    Ford Motor Company’s Digital Participation Guidelines – We have advised our personnel to observe these guidelines when participating in an online conversation regarding Ford or the automotive industry.

  • A Stop Motion Animation History of Stop Motion Animation
    A Stop Motion Animation History of Stop Motion Animation

  • Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity »
    Join more than 263,170 satisfied users –>
    We are the trusted and preferred productivity solution for more than 302,530 Twitter accounts.


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