Aural Happiness

There are a couple of things that come together with the iPad application Aweditorium that I have found so compelling as I’ve enjoyed this application over the past little while.

First of all, I really enjoy listening to new music.  It’s one thing to dig into iTunes and listen to your own collection or to listen to streaming radio.  After a while, it does get to be a little tedious.  Aweditorium provides a publishing platform for acts that I’ve never heard before, from a wide variety of genres.  For all of these new (to me at least) artists, access is as simple as loading the Aweditorium application and picking one of the dim thumbnails that are displayed on the landscape presentation.

From there, it’s a quick zoom to a quality image of the artist(s) and the song attached begins to play.  The application does recommend headphones so that you can enjoy the music.  As you would expect that you could do with music, you can control the play, share it with others, favourite it, and so much more.  I love the little popups that provide more specific details about the act as well.  This method of browsing the unknown is addictive.  You’ll find yourself picking and choosing artists or swiping your way through the grid in no time.  It’s like a magical, musical puzzle with more interesting content at each step along the way.

The other thing that I find intriguing about this and so many other iPad applications is how they use the technology to do different things.  With a keyboard and/or a mouse, you’re pretty much limited as to how you can navigate an applications.  Aweditorium takes interesting liberties with things like pinching and tapping to navigate through the application.

If you’re looking for something new and completely different, you’ve got to give this free application a try.  If you like random music from very creative sources without a predictable pattern, be prepared to become quickly addicted.


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