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The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario is in the midst of holding its annual conference in Toronto.  If you were on Twitter yesterday, you may have noticed that the hashtap #ECOO2010 was very actively capturing and sharing the excitement that comes when like minded educators are working together, and pulling in the same direction.

It’s not always easy being a leader in technology innovation with so many different hands, agendas, and priorities all competing for the attention of educators.  Yet, there are those who have elected to lead, showing the way, to illustrate by best practices the compelling and motivating ways that technology captures the student imagination.

It happens daily in Ontario classrooms and FollowFridays have been my ways of giving a tip of the hat to those who are on the cutting and sometimes frustrating edge doing things that are good for students.  On this date, I think that it’s time to pause and give special recognition to those who are behind the ECOO Conference.

You’ll find some of the names at the ECOO website.  But, a big event like this takes more than the efforts of a handful of folks.  There are sub-committees of volunteers who work so hard to make sure that all goes well.  Digging even further, you’ll see the presenters and facilitators of the sessions.  The conference program is packed with sessions and descriptors, second to none, and reflect many of the initiatives that are going on provincially.  It’s always a incredible event and I sure wish that I could have been there this year.

Special kudos have to be given to @brendasherry, as chairperson who manages to pull all of it together.  In Ontario, we are so fortunate to have the skills of educators like Brenda who know the possibilities and stand as champions to try and make them happen for the benefit of the students in the province.

Seemingly, though, in a flash, it’s over.  The real test of effectiveness will be the impact and change that happens in Ontario classrooms.  As I look through the program, it’s difficult not to see so many possibilities.  Congratulations to all of the educational leaders who are taking the time to share and make it happen.


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  1. Wow, Doug! I’m so honoured to read your kind words here, and I’ll pass them along to the conference team. It was an exciting couple of days, and while the facilitator in me loves having a part in making it all happen, the learner in me feels a bit sad at the end when I realize that I didn’t get to very many sessions because of the busy-ness of the role!!

    I guess there is not much to do about that…except enjoy other opportunities like your wonderful RCAC Conference (with @sadone this year) and hopefully ISTE as well.

    I really enjoyed connecting with @snbeach this year. In thinking about building our ON network (especially the OTF group with @peterskillen) I’m trying to learn how to facilitate online in a way that encourages participation but also grows independence and new leadership. Fascinating to learn from her and try to make a plan. Lots to learn.

    Thanks for your support of the ECOO team…we felt it from afar. 🙂 🙂


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