Trying to Visualize Google

One of the takeaways that folks had last weekend from the OTF / CUE Google Workshops for Educators was the extent of the tools and functionality provided.  It’s just so difficult to get your head around it all, isn’t it? 

Here are some attempts, in three different formats, to try and wrestle this to the ground.

First, @pbeens put together what he things is all of the Google services.  He even double-checked by sending out the document and asking people to let him know what he missed.  How appropriate is it that his Google A-Z is a Google Document shared to the world?

But, alphabetical is but one way to illustrate things.  Joquetta used the LiveBinders service to try and organize Google resources for educators.  Click one of the tabs to get to a chapter and then dig in.

As I was enjoying both of these resources, I remembered that even I had tried to put elements of Google together.  It was for a workshop that I called "Do You Google?"  I put it together as a graphic organizer using SMART Ideas.  Just click any of the green arrow to dig into the organizer.

Little did I know that this really wasn’t a graphic organizer – it was a Wonder Wheel!

Each of us had a goal – it’s interesting to see the three different approaches to doing the same thing.  Have we got them all covered?  Maybe not, but we could always Google it!

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