To QR or not to QR

It’s been a fun past couple of days messing and learning about QR codes.  The importance of organization when you do something big like this is important when you think you’ve been saving them to a folder but hit your desktop instead!

Creating the codes is another step in the process of creating a resource and certainly an organization scheme is important.  But, is it worth it beyond the coolness.

At our #OTFFEOCUE tweetup last night, we did had some good talks about the point of using them.  This, as we were embarrassing other friends, by scanning the codes on a bottle of HP sauce!  @pbeens, @aforgrave, and @Ron_Mill and I were deep into the discussion.  As we discussed the various clients, @pbeens took an interesting slant on decoders – use Google Goggles.  What an interesting take!  For a big list of applications, you might look at this resource.

So, where does it fit into the classroom?  The computer scientist is us were waxing about writing the code to create or interpret a code.  After all, binary is what programming does best!  There seem to be lots of resources available on the internet to assist.  More realistically, it could just be a design of your own code based upon a set of rules and assumptions just to a parallel doing it in real life. 

Then, a moment of realization that just having the conversation is so good.  I received a direct message from @DoremiGirl pointing out that, in the same timeline that she’s reading my post, her RSS resources had provided this blog post from Jeff Utecht about a recent presentation.  As I dug into that post, one of the replies led to a resource currently titled "14 Interesting Ways to Use QR in the Classroom." from Tom Barrett.

It never fails to amaze me how much falls out of a conversation.  I’m glad that I had it.  I know more about QR codes now than I ever thought that I would and have some specific ideas and examples where they may fit.  At this point, I don’t see this as a hugely mainstream technique but could be very helpful in classrooms experimenting and using portable devices to help them get the most of things.

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