Comparing Countries

If you’re looking for an online experience to snag your geographical interest, then you absolutely must head over to "If it were my Home".  The site provides a fascinating comparison of the geographies and demographies of any two countries that you choose.

The program is designed with the USA in mind and so the default is to compare your chosen country to the US.  So, select your country and have a map of the USA overlaid.  Well, I have to take a shot at Canada…

Now, the visual is interesting and puts things into proportion.  (Unless you’re from Alaska…)  What is really interesting though is the amount of data that is also provided to compare the two countries in ways other than just size.

Each of the categories expand to reveal more details about the category.  What a wealth of information! 

Do you need to compare Canada with a country other than the USA?  Just select Canada first and then choose your second country.  So, if the goal would be to compare Canada to Peru given the current news of the day, you’re just a click away.

What a way to help put things into perspective!

By itself, it serves nicely as an interactive infographic.  However, with the information provided, I could see this as a great starting point for facts if you’re creating your own infographic using traditional means.

Powered by Qumana



  1. That sounds great, Heather. Good luck with it. Given the rescue events in Peru this morning, the Peru/Canada comparison seemed appropriate. Now, all you need is a Snow Lake/Huron County overlay!


  2. Wow, what a great resource. I’m getting moved from grade 4 to grade 7 & 8 Math and English. I’m excited to be able to use technology more effectively with that age. This seems like a great resource for Math as well. Thanks.


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