Chasing Shadows

People often kid me about the number of messages that I send to Twitter.  When you peel back the outside of the onion, you’ll recognize that many of them are posted by "robots" or processes that I have set up to share.  There are notifications when I make a new blog entry served up by creates and delivers a daily newspaper based on my posts and on the those of other Ontario educators.  All of it is in an attempt to share with anyone who cares what I’ve found and have tucked away.  When it all works, it works so nicely as a publishing centre.

But, when it doesn’t…

My first indication happened over the weekend while out on a bike ride.  I stopped to take a picture with my mobile phone and got a tweet from @aforgrave wanting to know what was going on.  The things that you see when you’re by the side of the road!  Then, later on, my daughter wants to know what’s going on with all of these announcements.

Time to do some digging.

When I look back on messages that I’ve sent, there’s one message that seemed to be sent over and over again.  I use a blogging feature from Delicious to post my bookmarks to my blog.  It’s supposed to happen once a day.  For some reason, it was posting multiple entries to my blog which are then shouted out to Twitter.  It makes for a real mess if you’re monitoring my account via Twitter or RSS.

So, it’s time to do some backtracking to find out what’s amiss.  I hadn’t changed anything on my end so perhaps there was something wrong with a setting there.  Nope.  It looks good, but the problem continues.  So, in order to try to cut back on these annoying posts, I’m shutting down the services until I get some sort of insight as to what’s up.

I apologize if it’s been annoying and I hope to get to the bottom of this or find an alternative soon.  In the meantime, it’s really a challenge wandering and wondering where the problem lies.

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3 thoughts on “Chasing Shadows

  1. Well, I hadn’t noticed. I appreciate your frequent connections because they are all worthwhile to my mind. Technology! Glad that even a techie guy like you can’t figure something out sometimes.


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