Video Challenge

The current edition of the MindShare Learning Report announces this year’s version of its annual National Video Challenge.  Students and classrooms in the Canadian K-12 educational realm are eligible to take part.  Students enjoy working on a cause or sending a message and being published and recognized nationally is a real perk.

But the real perk comes for the three winning classrooms.  They’ll share in the over $50,000 worth of prizes that MindShare Learning has amassed for the competition.  Complete details are here.  We’re not talking about 90 minute epics here.  There is a limit of 4 minutes to submissions.

Classrooms across the country are addressing media and language literacy through the power of the video.  You see so many of these inspirational offerings on YouTube or on school websites or wikis already.  Why not also enter them into this Challenge?

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3 thoughts on “Video Challenge

  1. Sigh. Love this idea – but, honestly, am disappointed that they don’t broaden the base of schools eligible to apply. 😦

    “Open to full-time K-12 educators working in a publicly funded Canadian School and holding a valid teaching certificate.”

    So this excludes many schools that are run by, for example, charities like the YMCA. I almost understand the restriction for money-earning private schools – but not for charitable independent schools.

    Maybe I should have a wee chat with Robert Mindshare Learning.

    Robert? 🙂 Help us out here! 😉


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