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The Ontario Teachers’ Federation has made available an incredible resource for Ontario teachers.  It’s called the “Teachers’ Gateway to Special Education”.


At the opening splash screen, enter the English or French side to a wealth of resources.  In one spot, you can quickly zero in on any need, exceptionality or diagnosed condition.


For each, you’ll be presented with teaching strategies, suggestions for classroom organization for best results, and suggestions for assessment.

The resource is absolutely huge and can’t help but be a valuable toolkit for teachers and classrooms making the adjustments necessary to allow each student to achieve her/his potential.

What  I found interesting as I explored the resource was that many of the suggestions and resources would be helpful for all students.  This is a real goldmine with all of the content in one location.

If you have a strategy that isn’t found within the resource, the site has you covered there as well.  There is a mechanism for you to share what works for you.  The promise is that it will be professionally reviewed and then incorporated in future revisions to the site.

Special Education teachers will undoubtedly find the resource something that they turn to regularly.  However, the wisdom and resources are something that are of benefit to all.


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  1. Thanks, Doug! I’ve passed along a link to your blog to our Special Ed. dept. Though, as you say, helpful for all!


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