Aw, money.  Something that we all work for and something that you can never have enough of.  It’s a topic that is so rich in materials and concepts.  It is something that all students not only are exposed to but should master.  In fact, it’s a work in progress from the Ministry of Education.

Don’t students learn about this in Business class?  Absolutely.  The problem is that it’s not a compulsory course for secondary school students.  Not to leap too far from the topic at hand but I do believe that at least one course in business literacy and another in focused computer literacy should be compulsory – it was for my kids…

Back to the topic.

At our disposal, we have some incredible resources:

The history of money and coins has alway fascinated me.  These resources are a start to more great reading.

For classroom ideas?  This resource hosted by the University of Western Ontario provides some terrific resources for use by Ontario educators.  If you’re looking for ideas, check it out.

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