The Trail to PD

It’s mentioned on this blog a couple of times.  The Ontario Teachers’ Federation is hosting another professional development event on Saturday, October 23 in Toronto.  This event will be presented by Computer Using Educators.  This offering is the Google Workshop for Educators.

I had a chance to look at those currently registered for the event yesterday and it looks like an awesome connection of Ontario Educators and many of them are regularly participating in educational discussions on Twitter.  Prior to the event, a tweetup will be held so that many of us can get an opportunity to meet each other face to face for the first time.

There has been some resources made to promote the event.  Right now, they are a collection of links.  This morning, I used Trailmeme to put a number of them together.  If you’re interested in what I’ve put together, follow this link and start walking!


Beyond this example, Trailmeme has interesting potential for the classroom.  When the job is to follow a trail of web resources, why not step your students through the researching process?

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