Follow Friday – Active Ontario Characters, er, Educators

I was doing a little blog house cleaning and remembered doing this for a FollowFriday a few months ago.  The concept is great.  Just use the fun activity at , enter a Twitter name and see the visualizations that pop up.  Last evening, while watching television with one eye and Twitter on the other eye, I watched the Ontario-Educators list and asked funtweet to visualize their message.  (Some choices had to be ignored because this is a G-Rated Blog…)

So, here’s my tribute to the great Ontario educators that I learn with on a regular basis.

alana image
Ben brenda
Calder colin
cyndie Daniel
David gordon
grade1 joan
katitude kelly
kent image
lanovaz Unger
mark math
Jamie Nancy
pbeens peter
image Redfearn
richfarm image
Safina sky
Sheep Tina

Nobody should be immune so here’s one for me!


You can see the entire list at  Do you know of an Ontario educator who isn’t on the list?  @thecleversheep put out a call earlier this week.  DM me with a name and I’ll get them added.  The list is currently followed by 165 people so it may be a way to get a little exposure

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