Personalize Television

This application can be a family stress reliever.  Imagine the whole family in the rec room gathered around the television and you don’t care to know what’s on.  You want to know what else is on!

Consider this scenario.  Bringing up the guide while “Glee” is on can be a very bad move.  But, you’ve got it wired.  You’re using i.TV.  This terrific application is your online television guide to assist in these situations.

It’s a great use for the geo-locating ability for you i-device.   Based on your location, you’ll see  what cable and satellite services are available plus what’s available over the air.  Just flick your way to entertainment bliss.

As you would expect, once you find your channel, tapping on an entry will provide details about the show selected.  The details go beyond what you would normally expect from a traditional guide.  Hooks tie you into Netflix, find picture galleries to provide more show details, and even a single tap takes you to a Bing search based upon the show.


Shows can be favourited as well.  If you’re doubting your ability to choose the best show, find out what everyone else is watching.  Here are the results at the time that I wrote this entry.  This isn’t quite the same selections that I would have based on my own preferences.  It’s not the first time that the rest of the world has been wrong!


But, your entertainment guide doesn’t stop there.  What’s playing and what’s popular at the theatres should you be looking for a night out?  The application has you covered there as well.  Where are the theaters?  Geo-location to the rescue again.


As you’ll note from above, geo-location has no regard for international borders.  The results are perfect for crows!

Ratings filter make it perfect for all members of the family as well.  A really nice feature is the ability to ignore  informercials!  What convenience.

If you’re a traveller, you’d have to love this application.   Now matter where you go, you have access to the latest and greatest in entertainment at your fingertips.

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