Congratulations TVO

It’s hard to believe because it’s just always been there but TVO is about to celebrate 40 years in the broadcasting business.  What a significant milestone for an “experiment” in public broadcasting in the province of Ontario.

What parent can’t remember coming home from work to hear stories about Polkaroo and his / her / its latest appearance?

If you’re in the know with respect to computers, you may well have learned from Billy Van and Luba Goy on the show Bits and Bytes.  It can still remember the theme song and the almost Skype-like presentation format!  I love the comment at the bottom of this post.

While traditional television had to adhere to some strict broadcasting rules, TVO always seems to push the edge with Saturday Night at the Movies.  Ground breaking with the introductions digging into the details of the movie that you might otherwise miss, you’ll see the format copied by other contemporary movie channels.

For a deep addressing of current issues, you can’t do much better than The Agenda with Steve Paikin or Allan Gregg in Conversation.

With its dedication to education and quality program, it makes sense that the conversation continues to the web and, beyond the main website, you have TVO Parents and TVO Kids.  And, of course, you need to follow @tvo and @polkaroo.

This service has brought so much to the Ontario viewing market.  Congratulations and best wishes have to be extended for a successful celebration on September 26.  In the meantime, we will have to wait for the Where’s Polkaroo? contest!

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