Congratulations TVO

It’s hard to believe because it’s just always been there but TVO is about to celebrate 40 years in the broadcasting business.  What a significant milestone for an “experiment” in public broadcasting in the province of Ontario. What parent can’t remember coming home from work to hear stories about Polkaroo and his / her /Continue reading “Congratulations TVO”

links for 2010-09-17

McDonald's Foursquare Day Campaign Increased Checkins by 33% With so many brands trying their hands at location-based marketing campaigns, one has to wonder: Is Foursquare really effective as a platform for bringing in new business? McDonald’s seems to think so (tags: foursquare mcdonald’s McDonalds) Using Instructional Websites to Differentiate My role as a co-teacher (LDContinue reading “links for 2010-09-17”