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My friend Rose is the principal of St. Anne French Immersion School in the city of Windsor.  It’s a great community and offers a French Immersion program to its Catholic students.  It’s got lots – except for a nice school yard for its students. 

The school is participating in Pepsi’s “Refresh Canada” program where Pepsi is looking to assist those who would like to make a positive impact on their communities.

In the case of St. Anne, they are looking for some assistance in providing a green school yard for its students.  If successful, they have parents and other community members ready to jump in with their own tools and time to change the environment for their students.

Their plan:

  • To increase the amount of shade and reduce the temperature of the yard
  • To decrease students’ prolonged exposure to the sun during recess
  • To encourage active living while greening our corner of the planet
  • To improve our neighbourhood by planting more trees and native plants
  • To provide students with a chance to learn in a healthier environment

How can you help?

It only takes a couple of clicks.  Consider heading over to their proposal site and vote for this project.  It only takes a couple of seconds and can make a huge difference for the St. Anne students.

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2 thoughts on “Help Out a School

  1. I’ve added a link to this on my online daybooks and am sharing it with my students. If they agree with the idea, I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of votes from them!


    1. Thank you, Peter. I’m sure that the students will appreciate your efforts. They’re currently in 3rd place in their category.


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