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Teaching About Chilean Mine Disaster

It is impossible to escape this issue when you turn on the news, or read the newspaper – the 33 miners trapped under ground in the copper mine in Chile.  Movies of the men document the situation and the abilities to cope.  Between this event and the situation with the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, new ways of addressing the issues in the classroom have arisen.  There has always been the internet to provide the latest updates but the power and reach of this tool brings new resources for the classroom.

Professionals are talking about this and sharing ideas for how to approach this in the classroom.  Last night, Ontario educator @aforgrave offered this.

Where do you turn to get your facts straight?

News Sources – This is the traditional route.  Take any online news source and you’ll find the latest.  Close to the source is

Wikipedia – The world is already documenting the mine and the incident.

Infographics – This is perhaps the newest and one of the more innovative ways of taking the facts and making them understandable in a contemporary format.

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