Getting Caught Up

I was originally drawn to this by name but I’m really “getting” its functionality in completely different ways.    The resource is a website called “Twitter for Busy People“.  As you may know, I love innovation and this is a unique approach to getting caught up and more.

Now, if you are on Twitter 24 hours a day, the power of this application may be lost on you.  But, if you check in periodically and just to find out what’s going on, you’re going to really like this.  Usually, when you check into Twitter, you find yourself in the middle of an intriguing conversation.  (or not)  It’s a great way to find out what a particular person or group of people are thinking about but if you’re limited to a certain number of messages, you’ll be wondering what everyone else is doing!

Fire up T4BP and you’re there.

You’re presented with bands of icons of the folks that you follow.  Want to see what they’re up to in the last hour?  Last day? Or, more than one day ago?  Just move your cursor over an icon and a pop-up window will display their latest message.  If you’ve logged in to Twitter, you can retweet or reply to the message.  Isn’t that a great concept?  In a few minutes, you can determine what all of your community is up to.

But, don’t be limited to just your community – enter anyone’s Twitter ID using “Peek-A-View” and find out what their community is up to!  You’ll find this a very productive use of your time in the quest to getting caught up.  I’m also thinking that this is a terrific way to demonstrate the power of your Twitter network.  Rather than wading your way through the latest messages, know who is tweeting quality information and mouse over them.

Just when you think you’ve become productive, get ready to slow it on down when you click on the “game” link.  You’re going to find this tough if you’ve been indiscriminately adding people to your network.  Can you match the icon with the name?

The only thing that would put this over the top for me would be able to use this functionality on one of your Twitter lists where you’ve already identified a group of people to follow.  At this point, it’s still listed as “coming soon”.  That will be an awesome feature.  Search is “coming soon” too.  But, imagine the power of current, now, research on a particular topic or trend?

For the time being, though, enjoy the service to get caught up with your community.  Or, what the heck?  Find out what your friend’s community is doing at the same time!

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