Image Editing

When you’re a professional image editor, you spend a lot of money buying some of the great image editing programs.  When you’re an amateur image editor, you may go out and buy the same software package in the hopes that it will make you the next professional image editor!

If you’re frugal with your dollars, you may head for an open source solution where there are spectacular products that can do the same sorts of thing.

The reality is, though, that it takes more than a piece of software to make you a genius image editor.  It takes great software, to be sure, but it also requires that flair for the artistic, the ability to see and blend colours, the ability to design with the end in mind, the elements of design and story telling through imagery, and so much more.  I profess, I have none of these skills.

In fact, my image editing reality is limited to some brightness and contrast adjustment, perhaps some creation of text to highlight key points of the image, maybe a little composition via layering, and some other things that would seem pretty primitive by people that know their business.  And, I may do it on a Windows machine or a Mac and I may or may not own the machine.  And, the requisite software may or may not be installed.  Oh, and I need an undo function!

That’s where a web-based solution is very desirable and into the mix.


Aviary has a suite of online multimedia tools and Phoenix, the image editor has all the functionality that I need.  (and, quite frankly more…)


Because the utilities are online, you save yourself a great deal of storage space on your hard drive and the hassles that come along when something goes wrong with the software, requiring a reload.  The products are web-based, and just work.

I’d be willing to bet that, for most of people’s editing needs, Phoenix more than fills the need.  At a price tag of free, it’s worth the time and effort to learn and share.


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