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9 thoughts on “iPhone4

  1. Yo, Doug, I have an iPhone 4 *:-) First iPhone I’ve ever had, and it is light years ahead of other smart phones in the human factors design area. Just my opinion of course. Cheers mate.


  2. LOL Too funny!

    I’m on the right with you, Doug…suffering along with the original 3G which now is pretty pokey! 🙂
    However…I haven’t had time to stand in the long lines at Rogers to figure out how to get a new one for less $$ than an ipad (which I don’t have either).

    Enjoy your new phone Kelly…hope it comes faster than 3 weeks! 🙂 Sept always whips by anyway, right?


  3. Funny. I’m stuck on the right, with my 3GS. Happily though I might add.


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