A Desktop Worth Checking Out

As I was sadly watching the Minnesota Vikings last night, I decided to check out Twitter and see what the rest of the Vikings nation was thinking about the game.  As I loaded my Seesmic Desktop, I received a notice that the Beta version that I had been using had gone gold.

It’s no secret that I’m a real fan of Seesmic with its Twitter browser on my computers, ipod, and Android.  What’s so impressive about it is that it does all of the Twitter things that you would expect – read, reply, view lists, search, channels, etc. but it does it all in one clean spot.  In recent times, Facebook integration has been part of the package and with the new release comes FourSquare, Buzz, Linked In, and Ping.fm.  It has a powerful interface and the new release does not require Adobe Air.


So, I did the download and started enjoying the new version.  There were two things that really struck me as very useful.  First of all, you know those pictures that often get tweeted using Twitpic or some other service?  They appear inline as you browse.  Even more helpful, at the bottom of each Twitter message, you’ll find statistics about the person that sent the message.  So, you know right away if this person is a veteran worth getting involved in a conversation with.

Behind the scenes, you notice some intriguing architecture.  Like contemporary web browsers, this new release allows for plug-ins to add additional functionality to your online experience.  Right out of the box, you’ll find plug-ins for Bing, Bit.ly, and a bunch more.  Seesmic offers a “store” where any service provider can hook itself into the Desktop.

In addition to the release of the software, Seesmic was live streaming a release party last night.  So, I watched that in between moments of the football game to see the experts work with the product.

I started using this product line with Twhirl and have been a real supporter as the product evolves.  If you’re looking for a client that does it all and has the potential to grow with future trends, then this is definitely worth a download and a serious look.  http://www.seesmic.com

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