Instant Letters

After I blogged this morning about yesterday’s experience with Google Instant, I read this articleon the Huffington Post.  The author used Google Instant to go through the alphabet and see what the top results were.  It was all based on the question “Why does W get the weather?”  At the end of the article, Craig [...]

Google Instant

There was a great deal of speculation about what the latest innovation from Google.  When it was revealed, it turned out to be a feature called Google Instant.  It seems to be the next logical step in the evolution of search from the basic search. After all, we’ve had the “auto complete” feature available for [...]

links for 2010-09-08

:: e-Learning for Kids :: Train your math skills and win prizes! This stimulating online Math Trainer is donated by the University of Amsterdam. All children play on their own level. Every child logs into his/her own garden. (tags: science kids e-learning elearning elementary interactive education math) projectpln10 This is the first issue of Project [...]