Sometimes I don’t get it

Or, maybe I just don’t get enough of it.

I’m a real fan of the products that Google makes available for us.  So, when the announcement of the Gmail Priority Inbox showed up, I had to give it a shot immediately.

After all, anything that purports to make me more productive has to be good, right?  So, I set it up and well, meh.

I guess that the reality is that I read most of the mail that comes my way anyway.  I also scan any email that comes in, as it comes in, using the Google Mail Checker Plus extension in my Chrome browser.  It’s not I don’t get a great deal of email; I do and also subscribe to many mailing lists.  Perhaps another reason was I bought a book and taught myself how to speed read when I was in high school.  After all, if it was good enough for John F. Kennedy, surely it would be helpful to me.  At the time, it was to help me comprehend things better but it’s turned out to be a valuable life skill given the amount of data that I get exposed to on a daily basis.


So, at this point in time, I just don’t see where the priority inbox fits for me.  I’ve configured it for family and friends to pop to the top but I’d normally scan my inbox for messages from them first anyway.  Plus, people know that if you want to get my attention immediately, you send it on Twitter. 

The real value to me of Gmail is its spam filtering abilities.  That is second to none.  In an attempt to prove that the spam filtering of another email account wasn’t very good, I once wrote a rule to forward everything to my Gmail account.  It would do a great job of catching things that weren’t caught otherwise.

For the moment, I’m still stuck on meh.  Am I missing something?

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