The Best of the Best

I have a lot of great Twitter people and things that I follow.  When I have the time, they provide me with a continuous stream of serendity and awesome learning.  There is no question in my mind that this concept is the greatest source of inspiration and learning currently available to me.

I’ve got lists.  Great lists of filtered people depending upon what I’m in search of.  I’ve even been known to wander around following the lists of other people to see what sorts of conversations that inspire them.  With the tools at hand, it’s so easy and a way to dig into the really good content that is provided.

Now, it’s a fact of Twitter that certain messages can be promoted above the rest because someone determines them to be of value.  It’s a simple process; you just retweet an important message so that others can read it.  Typically, a message is retweeted because it’s of such interest and value.  It’s almost like a personal "moment of zen" in terms of content.

I liken it to having a good collection of bookmarked pages in Delicious.  You’ve already reviewed the resource and tucked it away because of value.  Rather than going out onto the wild and wooly web in search of content, why not start with the content that you’ve already determined to be of value?

Now, I don’t do this all the time, but when I’m in need of a quick fix of "The Best of the Best", I’ll just open up Twittelator on the iPad or my Seesmic Desktop and ask for just the retweets of others.

Retweets from Twittelator Retweets from Seesmic Desktop

I like to think of it as just another way of leveraging the power of the wisdom of the folks that I follow by filtering content for me to get right at the good stuff.

So, retweet away.  I’m listening!

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3 thoughts on “The Best of the Best”

  1. As usual, you have opened another door/window for me. I had no idea that this tool – whether Twitter, Seesmic, Tweetdeck, whatever – had those abilities/properties. I must have tons of Best Ofs from all my RTs! Thanx Doug.


  2. So, do you have Twittelator and Seesmic as well as Tweetdeck?

    I keep getting reminded to put Twitterific on my iPhone, but son has me locked out since I haven’t figured out how to put my own iTunes account onto the phone yet nor how to link the iPhone up to my computer to do it that way. (I hate hardware ;( Lucky I married a trades guy and had two boys who always seem to be able to figure this stuff out.

    Agree with Cyndie–great tip; I didn’t know either.


  3. Thanks for the great comments, ladies. I don’t use Tweetdeck at all on any device. I find that there is more power and functionality with the Seesmic and Twittelator products.


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